• Blogging: The next NEW in journalism


    Blogging has become a very famous style of journalism that has emerged recently which is based on raw feed taken directly from the source itself. With the help of a blog, one is able to expose his/her creativity to the outside world. For example a simple blog can be written on french bulldogs. After writing all you have to say, you are just a mouse click away. Once you hit the post button, everyone connected to internet can now see your blog. There are millions of users today who are playing the role of a reporter or a columnist or an analyst.

    For any inexperienced individual, a blog is like a running commentary which has links to other websites. With each passing day, journalism along with blogging is becoming very popular. Blogging has created an altogether new form of journalism known as amateur journalism. Here are some of the reasons responsible for such increasing popularity.Blogging The next NEW in journalism

    • Instantaneous: For a blogger who write for weekly journals, it like an eternal wait to get their write-up printed. Some tips for writing an attractive blog can be viewed at https://www.gov.uk/guidance/content-design/blogging. But if you are writing a blog, your article is produced the moment you hit the post or submit button.
    • Freedom of creativity: The unmediated quality is what makes a blog so attractive. There is nothing more luxurious for a journalist than publishing an unedited essay. No matter what the content is or how is it presented, blogging give a person the freedom to go ahead with anything.
    • Reader interaction: It is a great pleasure to receive the feedback from your readers and be able to reply them in no time. This is something which a blogger loves.
    • No Marketing Constraints: A blogger is not bound to tailor his work in favour of any demographic or product or readership. Click here to view more about online marketing.They don’t write to sell rather they write because this is what they like doing.

    Maximum of the blogs focus less on actual reporting and stress more on the analysis part and is usually considered an opinionated commentary. There are many courses that can enhance your blogging skills and make you the blogger you aspire to be.


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